Business Concept

Resource strategy

Teracane strives for the maximization, multiplication, and continuation of oil and gas resources, simultaneously developing various important aspects of the oil and gas industry. We are reinforcing the domestic market, as well expanding into the international market. Sea exploration, strengthening the reserves, and developing alternative energy sources are all steps we are taking to capitalize on the rapid growth of oil and gas output and to make leading breakthroughs on emerging energy sources, giving our company continuous growth and reinforcing the strength of the company.

International strategy

Our international strategy is based on the principle of distributive bargaining and the incorporation of outside knowledge, as well as sharing our own knowledge. The combination of resource management, market analysis, superior technique, and capital management toward the development of oil and gas all place the emphasis on reinforcing international cooperation and capital budgeting, especially in the industry of overseas hydrocarbon prospecting. It is essential to modestly, effectively, and appropriately develop the downstream business to form a competitive multinational company.

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