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Teracane is mainly engaged in the research and development of petroleum and nature gas. We specialize in resource and technical development of alternative energy sources. Our company maintains a highly cooperative relationship with many well-known petroleum corporations in Canada,MENA and China, and provides advisory services to many industry leaders. Our company persists in its aim of trust and honesty, in sharing the interestsof distributors and providing the best possible service for our client. We strive for innovative development, superior technology operated in conjunction with advanced operating concepts, fair and well trained management, a positive corporate culture, and internationally leading techniques, and it is with these that our company moves forward with a vision. We wish to create synergistic partnerships that focus on enhancing operational performance and efficiency of all partners, improving our collective competitive advantage.

Teracane is one of the main pillars in Canadian import of conventional oil equipment and external heavy oil equipment. Our expertise and experience in the industry allow us to quickly identify needs, establish viable marketing schemes, and create awareness, efficiently expand the network in a given field.

Our company has a global strategy that focuses on fully utilizing the competitive advantage found in the globalization of the petroleum industry. While rendering the market more competitive as a whole, there is much more knowledge and expertise to be tapped into with the information and understanding we are able to provide for the local markets we specialize in. The economies of scale realized through partnerships with international firms cannot be overemphasized, and are best utilized in standardized markets such as the oil industry. We offer many solutions to aid our customers in integration and coordination across various markets, minimizing the transition period and costs for all partners.

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